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Bunded oil storage tanks are essentially a tank within a tank. The “bund” being the area surrounding the inner tank, hence bunded tank.

Bunded oil tanks are used for safely storing domestic heating oil amongst other items. Bunded oil tanks are considered to be one of the safest forms of oil storage.

Bunded oil tanks are generally a requirement from most insurance companies as opposed to single skinned oil storage tanks. Due to the safer oil storage solutions brought about by bunded oil storage tanks, some places in the UK can see the Environmental Agency ask you to install bunded oil tanks.

Bunded oil tanks are required if you are storing oil within 10 metres of a drain, water course or area of natural beauty. Environmental Agencies often require oil to be stored in an inner storage tank so it is protected by the outer layer of the oil storage tank.

Bunded oil tanks are considered to be by far the best oil tank to have due to the bunding structure which is designed to prevent leaks.

Steel bunded oil storage tanks are specifically designed for industries where bunded oil tanks are compulsory such as commercial, industrial and agricultural oil storage use.