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Oil Storage Tanks

Bunded oil storage tanks are essentially a tank within a tank. The “bund” being the area surrounding the inner tank, hence bunded tank.

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Water Storage Tanks

Water tanks can provide storage of drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming and livestock, food preparation as well as many other possible solutions.

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Tank Rental

Our oil storage tank hire tanks are surface mounted, meaning it is no longer necessary to embark upon a prohibitive installation programme that involves expensive and very disruptive excavation work.

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Tank Cleaning

Aztech have the practical experience and motivation to complete tank cleaning work, whatever the size, to customer's specification, to programme and with minimum supervision. We are able to provide proposals based on a wide practical experience backed up with full technical facilities.

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Other Services

Aztech offer many other industrial services including fabrication services, industrial and commercial painting, plant decontamination services, fuel oil management, steam boiler hire, specialists industrial services, vertical technologies and demolition.

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