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Tank Cleaning

Aztech have the practical experience and motivation to complete tank cleaning work, whatever the size, to customer's specification, to programme and with minimum supervision. We are able to provide proposals based on a wide practical experience backed up with full technical facilities.

The Cleaning of all stored products such as refined oil, gas, petrol, fuel, tar and bitumen are all treated with the same respect and attention to safety. Aztech are experts regarding bunded tanks.

Constant updating of our equipment ensures that Safety remains upmost in the minds of our expert technicians. Efficiency and technical ability combined with hard work ensure that contractual delays and potential problems are reduced to a minimum.

Tank Refurbishment & Tank Painting

High pressure water jetting to the exterior of tank/vessel.

Back to bare metal : Prime Tank, metal inspections, Repainting storage tanks to customer requirements.

Galvanised Storage Tanks can often be refurbished and save the unnecessary cost of replacing them. We can provide tank repairs, painting, maintenance and cleaning services. We are also able to provide bunded tank hire during the refurbishment process.

To find out about our specialist tank refurbishment services please contact us.

Confined space cleaning specialists (with BA Gear)

Aztech are specialists in cleaning confined spaces using BA gear. We provide a broad range of services in the confined spaces including short term one day cleaning / inspection programmes for silos, containers, storage tanks, drains, ditches, culverts etc Our professional teams are highly trained and capable of handling virtually all confined space situations.

These tend to be jobs which are too big, dangerous or just too time consuming to be part of an organisations maintenance scheme. Particularly confined spaces and tanks, oil and fuel tanks, as well as silo cleaning.

High Pressure water jetting to 50,000 PSI

The natural abrasive action of water, coupled to a pump designed to deliver this powerful medium at up to 15,000 pounds per square inch creates a highly effective method of dealing with a wide variety of problems. Many years of development together with the expertise this inevitably brings, enables Aztech Environmental Services to provide a fully comprehensive to many industrial users.

Our equipment is manned by fully trained personnel and as members of the High Pressure Water Jetting Association we are committed to adhere to all aspects of safety.